16th August 2018

Nottingham family photographer {Sarah, Doug + Henrietta}

So here they are; my friends Sarah, Doug, and Henrietta.  A family portrait.

Sarah and I met through a mutual friend a few years ago, it was a sort of blind date I suppose.  We met at a local pub,  drank copious amounts of coffee and herbal tea and basically talked a lot.  The rest as they say, is history. We’ve been great friends ever since.

So this post is about friendship, motherhood, parenthood, and Tenacity with a capital ‘T’.

As most of us will come to appreciate, life can be tough and can get tougher the older we get.  Stuff happens.  Life happens, but as we grow as people and certainly as we become parents we often have to find some grit, we have to dig deep; often into a reserve, we had no idea we had to keep moving forward. It’s so easy to think that your ‘normal’ is the same as everyone else’s but the older I get, the wiser I get, and now I know that that simply isn’t the case. Real-life heroes walk amongst us every day. Sarah is one of the bravest and most tenacious people I have ever met. Period. Sarah and Doug as a couple? They are a force to be reckoned with.

This was my first shoot back after maternity leave and it was so special because Sarah and Doug are friends and that finally, little Miss Henrietta was here.  Sarah and Doug have been through some really tough stuff but they’ve made it through, not just intact NO! they are thriving. You can see all the love they share in the photos below.  It’s so real, you can almost reach out and touch it.  Doug’s expression as he looks out of the window holding his little girl, what a beautiful moment. That look in his eye? so gentle and protective.

Henrietta is so precious, she’s just a happy smiley content bundle of squidgy love.  She is perfect.  There is so much love that surrounds her from both sides of their families, she is one well-loved baba, and that’s just how it should be.

So, I have some thank you’s to say in this post. Sarah & Doug; thank you for booking me and thank you for your friendship also. Sarah; thank you for being the shining light that you are and thank you for putting up with my ever-present ‘wet eyes’.

I can not wait to see your family grow and continue to thrive.  You guys are awesome and you deserve every nice thing the universe can muster. You’ve totally got this.

Sarah, Doug, and Henrietta this girl salutes you :)


Thank you for making memories our little girl can keep forever xxx

Thank you Charlotte for the beautiful photos of my niece and wonderful words about my sister and her family. You’re spot on she’s a strong one and one in a million. Love laura xx


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