23rd March 2016

Nottingham family photographer {Chloe, Dougie + Esme}

It’s fair to say that in my family…we love a baby.  I mean we REALLY love babies. I mean my Mum had five and she still gets a bit embarrassing when there’s a baby within a 50 metre radius of us……she is going to coo over that baby…resistance is futile.  So you can imagine then that I was pretty stoked to be invited to photograph this beautiful, new fledgling family now that baby Esme had finally arrived.

Newborn babies change so quickly so any chance I get to hold one always feels really special. Peering down at them, you can’t help but wonder and marvel at life.  Those tiny little fingers and toes, the fragile sound of a newborn’s voice until it gathers momentum. That gentle snuffling sound as the baby finds comfort in her feed.  Everyone in absolute awe and wonder at this new person who has finally arrived, your whole world has been turned upside down and you wouldn’t have it any other way.  You are all so in love, it’s a little bit scary. That’s the gift of a newborn baby.

It was such a privilege to be invited into Dougie and Chloe’s home and to see and hear how everyone in their families were so present and involved. Chloe’s Mum who was a Grandma for the first time was so happy and clearly madly in love with Esme, I don’t think she could’ve been prouder. I got to share in some of that celebratory spirit when the clock chimed 1 pm Esme was exactly a week old, obviously, we wished her a very happy birthday. Wow, one whole week of being a new person.

Thanks for asking me to photograph you, it really was a treat. I think you also definitely deserve a hearty ‘well done’ too because bringing a new life into the world is HARD and you made it look easy. You are gorgeous a family guys!


Your words brought tears of joy to this new granny’s eyes then came the captured shots of pure happiness and awe. Love what you have shared. I thank you.

Ahhh Cath, you’ll make me cry because your crying. It doesn’t take much!…..It was lovely to meet you and to bask for a while in the warmth of your awesome family :)

Wow. Absolutley gorgeous shots. Love these! X

Thanks for your comment Max :) x


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