3rd October 2018

Nottingham family photographer {Nathalie, Naima + Faith}

Nathalie booked me as like lots of us; she is the chief photograph taker in her household which ultimately means there are very few photographs of her and her daughter Naima together! There are lots of photos of Naima and lots of photos of Naima and Grandma Faith but poor Nathalie was not often featured in her own photographic legacy.  I am exactly the same! I think it’s something we can probably all relate to.

So we started off at Nathalie and Naima’s home where Naima was busy munching on her fourth bowl of rice crispies that morning.  She had got up at 4.30 am so understandably she needed to keep her energy levels at an optimum level.  Naima is sooooo cute! I’m sure her Mum Nathalie was finding it hard to see that through the sleep deprivation but I’d been to sleep (sorry Nathalie) so the cuteness was apparent in truckloads!

Naima is quite the artist, she also likes to talk you through her artwork whilst it’s in creation, the thing is; only Naima really knows what she’s saying but that doesn’t stop her from getting frustrated when Mummy and Grandma don’t understand or don’t elicit the response she was expecting :) Naima also likes to pretend to be a frog….a lot.  She doesn’t really walk anywhere she either runs or hops….like a frog.  Yep, she needs a lot of rice crispies because she’s one busy little miss.

We headed out to Wollaton Park where the gods of light had heard our cries! It was a truly spectacular autumn day and the light was just beautiful.

It was lovely to spend some time with Nathalie’s Mum Faith.  We were often hanging at the back as Nathalie was running off ahead chasing Naima! We had a lovely chinwag on our way around Wollaton Hall.

All in all, it was a lovely day with the loveliest of people :)


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