20th April 2016

Nottingham maternity photographer {Jenny}

Jenny came forward when I put out a request on Facebook for Mama’s to be to model for me as I am now offering maternity photography in Nottingham and Derby. Our very first conversation on the phone ended in laughter so I took that as a good sign and although we’ve had to reschedule a couple of times it was well worth the wait as on the day of the shoot we had the most gorgeous light.

Now, Jenny is a creative soul too, she teaches costume making at University so it was no surprise then that when I saw the photographs of her wedding dress I had serious frock envy! I mean Serious. Frock. Envy. Her husband Paul told me that she had also made the suit that he wore on their wedding day too.  I knew then, this lady, she was one clever cookie. Her wedding dress was unique, it was in turquoise with a heavy cream lace overlay.  I’ve never seen anything like it, it was breathtaking.  Paul and Jenny showed me all of the things they’d been doing around the house to prepare for the new little person that’s on their way and as Paul is a photographer too we had a bit of tech-talk and compared notes….. and I thought what is not to love about Jenny and Paul.

It’s really important to me that I connect with my clients and that they connect with me so it’s always nice when you discover things you have in common but, there is having things in common and then there’s having so much in common that you actually start to question if you were actually twins and had been split up at birth. This is sort of how it went with Jenny and me.  Throughout the course of the day, we discovered we both love Phillip Pullman, Terry Pratchett and Dr. Who…’ ok you’re thinking that’s not that unusual, your just both a bit ‘geeky’ (sorry Jenny) but then we got to talking about music and I confessed that at the moment all I seem to listen to is audiobooks, Jenny said “me too” so I said “actually I’m listening to Harry Potter a lot” Jenny said “me too” and then with a little more exploration we discovered that it’s not just that we’re both big Harry Potter fans; we’ve read the books, watched the films, been on the studio tour…..yadayadayada….we are actually both HUGE fans of Stephen Fry narrating the Harry Potter audiobooks…to be precise.  Not only that, we both love Stephen Fry so much we might actually have to create a club called ‘I love Stephen Fry So Much I Might Cry’ (obviously it would be very exclusive but email me if you want in)

What a day. I got to meet two gorgeous people who were brimming with excitement waiting for their new baby to arrive whilst also clearly being madly in love with each other.  The weather and light were perfect and not only did I get some nice shots for them to remember this time by, I met two new people that I will look forward to hanging out with again very soon.

So here they are Jenny, Paul and bump. The finest of people.


Where to begin?…. I LOVE the beautiful photographs. I can’t believe how much of that lovely day you have managed to capture. The light and the sense of peace and tranquility I felt shows so well.
Anyone who knows me knows I’m not usually comfortable to get in front of a camera but you made me feel so relaxed and comfortable, I loved every minute of it!
I’m so touched by your comments and truly hope to keep in touch with you, you talented, friendly, warm and amazing woman! Thank you xxx

Beautiful photos , my favourite is the one of JD and Paul face to face !absolutely stunning. , what beautiful memories to keep of a very special time in their lives x

Just read your piece on Jenny (my niece) described her and Paul to a T!, Jenny has always been artistic in many ways. Your pictures of them both do them and your photographic skills a great justice, love the black and white one.

Thanks for your comment Paula, they are indeed the best of folks :)

What can I say WOW!!! Breathtaking!!! I love them all. Charlotte, you have managed to capture the love and tenderness between Jenny, Paul and their very soon to be, new baby and found the most beautiful settings to show them off in. The colours and light, even in the black & white shots are so vibrant and clear. Thankyou for capturing these wonderful moments in time – You clever lady xxx

Thank’s for the lovely comment Pat :) xx

You obviously “clicked” on so many levels. Sounds like a new friendship has been made. Love the photos, a great keepsake for bambino..

We did indeed click Lynn!! and i’d be happy to call Jenny my friend any day of the week. Thanks for your lovely comment x

Such lovely photos. Beautiful colours and really strong images. Great to show baby much later. X x

Thanks Emma, we had some beautiful light that day for sure x


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