8th November 2018

Lincoln family photographer {Elle, Andy, Rafe + Arin}

What an absolute pleasure it was to photograph this lovely bunch of folks again. Elle and Andy are friends of mine but I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like so it was lovely to get together and to hang out on the day of their shoot.

Now, it has been said that I’ve got a bit of a thing for red hair.  I have it’s true.  So photographing three people with the most glorious red hair put me into a sort of red-hair-euphoria.  Oh, and the light was beautiful and the weather perfect.  The good vibes were racking up.

We started out at the family homestead and then went onto Chambers Farm Wood which is the site of medieval woodland. I’ve been there once before but it was many moons ago and I have to say it’s a remarkable place with lots of ancient trees and an abundance of wildlife AND there are about three houses near to the wood and one of those houses is the home to the biggest cat I’ve ever seen that wasn’t behind a fence.  We were all impressed with the cat and stood and watched for a while whilst it went about its business which, in all honesty, was probably some kind of cat dictatorship.  I’m thinking that cat rules those woods with an iron paw. He was a big cat.

Now, I’m going to gush but I have to because Rafe and Arin are two of the sweetest, funniest boys I know.  Man, THEY ARE CUTE.   Now, I know they won’t want to be referred to as ‘cute’ because they’re boys and big boys at that but, they really truly are scrumptious.  What was especially lovely to see was the friendship that exists between the two of them.  Of course, friendship also means constantly wrestling and trying to pull each other’s trousers down and someone getting hurt and someone getting upset BUT that’s boys huh?! They truly are the best of friends and what a wonderful gift that will be as they grow into young men and go out into the world.

Elle and Andy your family is beautiful.  Your boys are lovely little humans that will doubtlessly grow into lovely big humans. You’ve totally got this stuff sorted.  Your just the loveliest bunch :)



Beautiful colours and composition….I love how you have captured the wonder, curiosity and energy of childhood…..and precious family moments. Stunning album!

Amazing photos which really capture the moment and make for cherished memories. Thoroughly recommend.

Such lovely photos, you’ve really captured their personality through the autumnal colours. Gorgeous boys x


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