22nd November 2013

Nottingham family photographer {Cath, Kev + Huey}

I think to date, Cath & Kev are my most photographed Clients.   I have photographed them as a couple before they were even a Mr & Mrs let alone a Mamma and a Papa. I photographed their wedding back when I used to shoot weddings.  I have photographed Cath when she was heavily pregnant with a baby who is now here and is called Huey. Weaved within all of these images was a blossoming friendship which has now become a much-valued & very precious friendship.  I love this crew for real so I’m just gonna get with the gushing.

Cath is possibly one of the nicest human beings to have ever walked this planet. I am not exaggerating when I say this. Cath is funny, sweet, caring and so kind you can not help but fall in love with her. Kev is equally fun-loving and sincere, I particularly like that by day he is a school teacher and by night he plays guitar in a pretty cool emerging thrash band called Enormity Falls.  Cath has traveled the world living in busses and working on the land too so she has lots of interesting stories.

So here they are this relatively new but already wonderful young family.  Huey is adorable and such a happy little soul, I love him! Let’s not forget Mez the dog who is also up there on my list of ‘dog’s that I could steal’ Yes, I maintain that list it’s one of many but that’s a story for a different day.

It was my privilege to photograph Cath, Kev, Huey, and Mez for a family portrait session. Congratulations on bringing Huey into the world guys, you have already got this parenting thing down.

Enjoy :)


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