Sal and Hugh are just SUCH nice people to hang out with.  They were both feeling a little camera shy as they had been given the session as a gift and admitted that ‘it wasn’t something they’d even thought of doing’  but as the day went on they both relaxed.

We met at Wollaton Park as it’s somewhere they enjoy spending time with their dog Barney and daughter Evie.  I can’t go on without mentioning what a star Hugh was as the poor guy didn’t feel well at all! he felt decidedly queasy but even with the offer of stopping and rearranging he wouldn’t have it so he was a bit of a soldier. Stiff upper and all that! Thankfully you don’t look green in the photo’s Hugh.

We had a lovely afternoon at the Wollaton Park and grounds, it was a beautiful day with some seriously lovely light so everything went swimmingly AND we even had time for an ice cream each.

So, even though they didn’t think they would enjoy having their photographs taken it turns out they did and we all had a great time hanging out and getting to know each other.

I hope you loved your photos guys.  Here they are Sal & Hugh.  I’m sure you’ll agree they are a cute couple.