The journey to pregnancy is unique for everyone.  For some women the journey is relatively easy but for others it is a long and winding road.  However you’ve arrived at your destination, photographing you and bump and having a record of the wonder and beauty of pregnancy is a must.

You may want to include your partner in your session or  you may want to enjoy the experience on your own, either way is fine.

Maternity portrait sessions usually take around 2 hours and happen on location; this could be a mix of photo’s at your house or the entire session could be in a sun drenched field far away from the humdrum of everyday life.  We will talk about your session well in advance to agree locations, what to wear and…..the weather. I will also send you my rather nifty welcome magazine that will give you heaps of information about choosing outfits and what to expect on the day and after our session.

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