I strive to provide my Clients not only with a wonderful warm experience but also some rather fine artwork.

All of my packages and services have something printed added in. This is because I honestly feel or, dare I say know, that you will enjoy your photographs much more hanging above your fireplace than having them languish in a long forgotten draw on a memory stick.

Everything you see available to you in my products brochure is printed & handmade by a very nice chap called Chris.  It took me an age to find him, his work is that of a real craftsman.  Nothing is off the shelf.  Everything is bespoke. I have lots of samples I can show you too. If you’d like to see my brochure please drop me a line & I’d be happy to send it to you.

Not only can you expect some lovely artwork from me, you can also expect a level of gadgetry.  I Love apps & gadgets, nothing too scary just really unique stuff. I can offer you your own personalized app of your photo’s so you can enjoy them over & over again or show them off to folks you know.  Or, I offer cool animated videos of your photos that you can install on your smartphone or watch online. Take a look on my ‘In Motion’ page for a couple of examples.

**Please be aware that my fee for all two hour sessions is £100 and I have a minimum order requirement of £150. My smallest package which is packed full of printed loveliness starts at £250**

A Day in the life session’s have a different pricing structure on account of them taking  longer! (see below)


All bookings are confirmed with a £50 non-refundable deposit.

Couples Photography


Couples shoots last up to two hours; maybe a little longer if the light is good.

You can expect to hear from me beforehand, so we can agree where and when and what to wear.

Don’t worry if your feeling a bit ‘icky’ at the thought of being all couple-like in public, I’ve got lots of experience of helping people relax in front of the camera. Have a read through some of my reviews; I get lots of good feedback from folks who are camera shy but on the day they really enjoyed it. Jus sayin…

Family Photography

Families & Kids

Families & Kids sessions take around two hours. That said, I don’t like to clock watch too much as photographing little people often means you need a bit of wriggle room to allow for treat breaks!

You can expect to speak to me before your session so we can agree where to take your photo’s. I will also send you my welcome magazine in advance of your shoot which will give you lots of helpful tips and advise about what to wear etc.

You can expect some photographs of you together as a family and some portraits of your children on their own.

You will look back on these photographs in the month’s and years to come and be so glad you have them as you realise how much your wee one’s have changed and grown.

A Day in Your Life

A Day in the Life

A Day In The Life Sessions last around 4 hours. If you require extra hours or an overnight stay this can be negotiated at the time of booking.

These sessions are all about capturing the essence of you as a family. The photographs aren’t staged at all, instead I document your day as it unfolds. Wherever you go, I go to. It really is the most amazing little time capsule of you as a family which becomes more and more precious as time goes by.

Please note that pricing for these sessions differs due to it being a longer session. The smallest collection starts at £450.

Unique Portraits


These sessions last around two hours and are a celebration of you in all of your pregnancy glory. They happen on location but I may take a few shots at your home first if that’s ok with you.

If you would like your partner to be part of the session that’s fine; we can dedicate some time at the beginning of your shoot to photograph you together.

I would recommend that the best time to photograph you is between the 32nd and 35th week of your pregnancy, at this point your bump is well defined and hopefully your not feeling too uncomfortable.

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