About Charlotte Hueso

Portrait photographer. Cat botherer. Cheese whisperer. Semi-pro air drummer.

Elle, Andy, Rafe and Arin Family Photographer Lincoln

What an absolute pleasure it was to photograph this lovely bunch of folks again. Elle and Andy are friends of mine but I don't get to see them as often as i'd like so it was lovely to get together and to hang out on the day of their shoot. Now, it has been [...]

Nathalie, Naima and Faith Family Photography in Nottingham

Nathalie booked me as like lots of us; she is the chief photograph taker in her household which ultimately means there are very few photographs of her and her daughter Naima together! There are lots of  photo's of Naima and lots of photo's of Naima and Grandma Faith but poor Nathalie was not often [...]

A trip to Sorrento, Capri, Positano and a final farewell to Emma

It's been seven weeks since we returned from Sorrento and seven weeks since my dear friend Emma died. Adey & I received the news that Emma had passed away whilst we were sat in our hotel room getting ready to start our day.  Some phone calls change your life, this was one of them. [...]

Jenny’s Maternity Shoot

Jenny came forward when I put out a request on Facebook for Mama’s to be to model for me as I an now offering maternity photography in Nottingham and Derby. Our very first conversation on the phone ended in laughter so I took that as a good sign and although we've had to reschedule a [...]

Chloe’s Maternity Shoot in Nottingham

I've known Chloe for a while now, through a friend of a friend actually. Chloe responded to my shout out on Facebook looking for pregnant mum's-to-be to model for me.  I've been wanting to start offering maternity photography for ages so was looking for women to work with and along came Chloe..... I haven't seen Chloe [...]