Finding the right portrait photographer can be difficult right? There are so many out there, it can make things a tad overwhelming to say the least.

I’ve put this information together for you, the weary photographer hunter. I’m hoping it’s going to be helpful.

OK first up, and probably THE single most important thing to ask yourself is do you LOVE that person’s work? Do you look at their portfolio and imagine yourself or your family in the photographs? Do you think ‘one day I’m going to book a session with them’ but somehow never get round to it? If you answered yes, I’d say that’s a good sign your in the right place.

The next thing to consider is are you looking for a more traditional ‘shoot & burn’ experience where you’d expect a few different poses in front of a white backdrop? OR are you hoping to work with someone who specialises in giving his or her Clients something artistic? Would you prefer to work with an established professional who has their own distinctive style or, are you looking for something quick, thrifty and off the shelf? Either way is totally fine but it’s something you need to consider before you go ahead and book a session.

Soooo hopefully, you love my work AND your looking for something creative? Yes? Awesome! your in the right place.

Keep on reading….are we a good fit?


First things first, you should probably know I’m just a teeny bit geeky.  Not about everything, I’m not an ‘across the board’ kind of geek, but there are some things I am particularly enthusiastic about. These are:

Animals in general. Cats specifically
Dr Who
Terry Pratchett
The 1950’s
Classic Cars

I live in Nottingham with my husband Adey, my daughter Choo-Choo Magu and my Step-daughter Amber and five (Yes five.  This is used to say four) cats; Monty, Lilly and Lola, Flossy and Honey.  We are very lucky. We buy them food and keep them warm and now and then they acknowledge us (I refer here to both cats and children) Adey is my best friend & handily the only other person I’ve met who loves cat’s as much as me, on that basis I agreed to marry him.

I love to photograph people, that’s my thing.  I especially love using natural light and spend every waking moment marvelling at its beauty – this probably sounds really cheesy but it’s true.  My most over-used expression apart from ‘cool’ is ‘ooh look at the way the light is hitting that…..’ You get used to it though apparently.

I have worked in the music industry, trained as a sound engineer and ran a business or two but have always photographed the journey.  I am what could be described as a creative photographer and I strive to give something unique to all of my clients. Creativity is a big deal to me.

I want to give you something special that you will love & cherish forever and a day, so it’s important to me that we connect. Why don’t you read all about you, let’s see if we’re a good fit.

Photo Credit: Liam Crawley
Derbyshire Photography


You are in love; with each other, with your wee one’s and you love what you do. You like to have a good chinwag and you’re pretty much up for anything. Your family is everything to you and you always put them first.

Saturday nights used to be all about going out to gig’s and parties but now it’s more about catching up with friends over food at your place if your lucky. You probably spend an unhealthy amount of time watching boxsets (it’s ok were all friends here) and then you probably spend just as much time talking about said boxset to friends the next day but lets be honest, your probably quite tired because a) you’ve got kids but b) you’d stayed up later than you’d planned because……Breaking Bad.

You appreciate photography and have an eye for creativity and for ages now you’ve been thinking about having some professional photos but well, we’re all busy and life gets in the way!  You care about having artistic images because that kind of stuff matters to you.  You’ve never really been taken with the ‘white backdrop everyone smile at the camera’ type of photography and have been looking for something else in its place.

You love taking photographs of your kids but as your the chief photo taker in your family  you don’t feature in many photo’s yourself and so you worry that you’ll be missing in your childrens photographic legacy.

You probably have a pretty awesome vinyl collection.

You’ve had lots of adventures up to now but your really looking forward to the adventures you are yet to have.

You like cheese.

Charlotte Hueso
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