“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards”

Being a parent is the most important, tough, challenging but rewarding thing any of us may ever do with our lives.  That’s why i’m campaigning to capture the here and now, this perfectly imperfect moment with photographs that tell the story of who you are as a family. I will photograph your children just like I photograph my own.  

If we work together, the photographs I take will take on new meaning as your children grow up.  They can look back on times, places and people that they perhaps have no memory of and get a sense of belonging and a better understanding of their family.

Derbyshire Photography


You like to have a good chinwag and you’re pretty much up for anything. Your family is everything to you and you always put them first.

Saturday nights used to be all about going out to gigs and parties but now it’s more about catching up with friends over food at your place if you’re lucky. You probably spend an unhealthy amount of time watching boxsets (it’s ok we’re all friends here) and then you probably spend just as much time talking about said boxset to friends the next day but let’s be honest, you’re probably quite tired because a) you’ve got kids but b) you’d stayed up later than you’d planned because……boxsets are a thing now.

You appreciate photography and have an eye for creativity and for ages now you’ve been thinking about having some professional photos but well, we’re all busy and life gets in the way.   You want to remember the here and now; where you live, your pets, that wallpaper you fell in love with but now it’s up your not so sure. Those gappy smiles, the first tooth, the curls before the first haircut, the crayon on the wall (which led to the questionable wallpaper choice), dribbling, the inability to remain fully clothed for more than an hour, that funny face you pull that makes them howl with the laughter.  

You love photographing your kids but as the chief photo taker in your family, you don’t feature in many photographs yourself.   There are hardly any photographs of you all together as a family and you know you really should do something about it but if your honest, you don’t really like having your photograph taken.

You probably have a pretty awesome vinyl collection.

You’ve had lots of adventures up to now but you’re really looking forward to the adventures you are yet to have.

You like cheese.


First things first, you should probably know there are some things I am particularly enthusiastic about. These are:


Animals in general. Cats specifically
Dr Who
Terry Pratchett
The 1950’s
Classic Cars

I live in Nottingham with my husband Adey, my daughter Choo-Choo Magu and my Step-daughter Amber and five (Yes five.  This is used to say four) cats.  We are very lucky. We buy them food and keep them warm and now and then they acknowledge us (I refer here to both cats and children) As a Mum and Step-Mum, I completely get it. We are all so busy.  We work. We hustle.  We do our best to protect our precious family time.  We are all so busy all of the time that we barely get the chance to sit down for a cuppa let alone plan a family photography session.  

My style of photography is very much inspired by my love of people.  I’m not big on poses but I do give some gentle direction.   As someone who avoids having their photograph taken at all costs, I completely understand how ‘icky’ the thought of a photo shoot can be.  I have lots of experience of photographing even the most camera-shy and have been told more times than I can remember “even though I was dreading it, I’ve really enjoyed it”. I’m not expecting matching outfits, perfect hair, perfectly behaved kids or a neat and tidy house.  Just come as you, that’s all that’s required.

I have worked in the music industry, trained as a sound engineer and ran a business or two but have always photographed the journey.  I am what could be described as a creative photographer and I strive to give something unique to all of my clients. Creativity is a big deal for me.

Photo Credit: Liam Crawley
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